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The Beretta Nano: We Have a New Challenger!

on Aug 18 in concealed carry, new guns by

Beretta just announced their first serious entry into the concealed carry market in several years with the Beretta Nano. (EDIT: I totally forgot about the PX4 subcompact. But that’s still pretty chunky compared to the Nano, and it started out as a full-size pistol, not a dedicated CCW effort by Beretta, so I don’t consider them in the same size category) According to the brief release on Guns & Ammo, it sounds like they’re attempting a modular system similar to the Sig P250, but with a single stack profile. This is a very interesting concept (see my love affair with single stack nines) and I’m curious where they’re going with it. It also appears to be a striker fired action which, as far as I know, will be a first for Beretta. If the trigger pull is similar to what we normally associate with striker fired guns, it will be the only entry into the super compact 9mm category besides the Walther PPS that doesn’t have a long DA style trigger.

It’s also notable that there is no external slide release, which could mean that the slide does not lock back on the final shot, or that it does lock back, but you have to slingshot the slide on a reload. Neither one of these options sound very appealing, but I’ll hold my judgement until after more details come to light.

I will say that there’s something very appealing about the prospect of having a nice, compact 9mm pistol that, with the swap of a few parts could have a 4″ barrel and be a lot of fun on the range and possibly even become a competition pistol, all while maintaining the same trigger and handling characteristics as the carry version. Kind of like having a Glock 17 and a Glock 26, but your 26 isn’t so chubby. Not holding my breath on that, though. It could be that Beretta is just planning a “pocket frame” and a “slightly less concealable” frame. And though I couldn’t be any less interested in anything .40 caliber, fans of that cartridge will appreciate the caliber swapping ability (though this feature is nothing new in itself. Again, see Glock and M&P).

The Nano will supposedly be shipping in early October, so we won’t have to wait that long to fill in some of these blanks, but there doesn’t seem to be a release date yet for the modular frame and barrel replacements. Oh, maybe they’ll do a kit with a couple of different size options all in one package, kind of like the old Dan Wesson revolver “Pistol Pak” that shipped with a few different length barrels. But nah… that would be too cool…

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  • Faux Paws says:

    Thanks for the G2

    Significant other is shopping for CCW.

    I feel my M&P 9C fills the bill for us both.

    Looking forward to another choice!

    Faux Paws

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